He’s Letting 4 Of His Siblings Go Into Foster Care And Refusing To Pay For His Parent’s Legal Expenses After They Lost Custody

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When this twenty-five-year-old man was born, his parents were devastated. Apparently, they never wanted a baby boy.

On top of that, his mother was instructed to wait a few years before trying for more children– which only made his parents despise him more.

But finally, by the time he turned nine, his mother gave birth to his eldest younger sister. Then, his mother went on to have triplets– who were all girls– as well as a sixth child named Maya.

However, his parents were still far from loving.

“They were overjoyed spoiling [them] while I was not spared a passing glance and always blamed for anything wrong that happened,” he recalled.

And eventually, his eldest sister and the triplets started to catch on to their parent’s hatred and began to take advantage of it.

His sisters would apparently purposefully do things wrong and then blame it on him afterward. This caused him to get grounded and sent to his room without dinner more times than he can even remember.

“And it got worse after I came out as gay to my uncle when I was fifteen, and they somehow found out about it,” he said.

So, by the time he turned eighteen, he decided to get out of his house once and for all. He stopped talking to his family as often, and once he turned twenty-two, he married his long-term boyfriend and even graduated from college.

ZoomTeam – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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