He’s Letting 4 Of His Siblings Go Into Foster Care And Refusing To Pay For His Parent’s Legal Expenses After They Lost Custody

And ever since then, he and his partner have been thriving. They both secured high-paying jobs and are very financially stable. But, the same cannot be said about his parents. In fact, about six months ago, he received a call from a social worker and learned that his mother had been arrested for drug possession.

On top of that, his father was also being sued for fraud, among other reasons. And apparently, the case workers deemed his maternal family unfit to care for his siblings; meanwhile, his paternal family simply refused to take his siblings in at all. So, the caseworkers felt he was their siblings’ last option before foster care and asked him to take them in.

Aafter speaking to his uncle, he learned that his eldest sister and the triplets are all still exactly the same. But, his youngest sister– Maya– was reportedly nothing like them. In turn, he decided to just take in Maya, and after the caseworkers dropped her off, he saw how much of an angel she was. Still, that was not the end of the family drama.

His parents actually had the nerve to call him and demand that he pay for their lawyer. On top of that, they also accused him of being a total jerk for only taking in Maya and not his other four sisters. Still, he stood his ground and refused to do both. And thankfully, his husband, uncle, and paternal family all support his decision and believe it was his choice to make.

However, since his maternal family keeps blowing up his phone and screaming at him, he has been wondering if only taking in one sibling and letting his parents fend for themselves– and possibly go to jail– was the wrong thing to do.

Do you think he should feel guilty about only taking in Maya and not paying for his parents’ lawyer or not? If you were in his shoes, would you have done the same?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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