He’s Thinking It Might Be Time To Divorce His Wife, Since He No Longer Likes Being A Stepdad To Her Kids And He Financially Supports All Of Them

gzorgz - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 35-year-old guy is currently married to his wife, who is 42, and he has been for 3 years. His wife has three children from her first marriage, and they are all boys, ages 9, 13, and 16.

He does think the kids are good, and they listen well. They also get good grades, and he does catch himself being proud of them quite a lot.

He has always wanted kids of his own, and even though he and his wife have tried, it has been without success.

Eventually, his wife said that she was happy not to have any more kids, but that doesn’t work for him at all.

He wants to know what it’s like to get to be a dad to children of his own, and to be honest; he’s growing tired of being a stepdad to his wife’s kids.

His wife’s kids adore their own dad, and he is very much so in their lives, despite the fact that he was the reason why that marriage came to an end.

His wife’s ex cheated on her with one of his coworkers, and that’s who his wife’s ex is currently with.

His wife never let her kids know the reason why she split up with their dad, and she wants them all to get along.

Now, he does entirely pay for his wife and for his wife’s kids. He makes a bit under 6 figures annually, while his wife brings home $30,000.

gzorgz – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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