His Wife Is A Stay-At-Home Mom, And He No Longer Wants To Fund Her Spending Money Because She Does Not Contribute To Their Income

And this became a much bigger problem recently when his wife asked to have a conversation about budgeting.

She had been dipping into her savings to “pull her weight” in their bills. But, she wanted to figure out how they could learn to live off of just his income.

He was nowhere near happy about her proposition, though, and basically told her he would not fund her life.

“I said that if I am the one who has to work, and I’d rather not, then I don’t think I should have to spend my money funding her hobbies and spending money,” he said.

“If she chooses not to work, then she can buy clothes at the charity shop instead of new ones and get a friend to cut her hair for free.”

“Or, she can get a job working a night shift, start an online business, or do something to fund her spending money.”

He also believes she should not have her gym membership or sewing materials paid for since they do not benefit him and “are not his responsibility.”

Understandably, though, she said he was being completely unfair and pointed out how he gets to enjoy hobbies such as his own gym membership and video game habits.

She also brought up her inheritance and cited how it was worth more than if she spent her entire life working.

So, without it, they never would have been able to afford their home or cars.

Regardless, though, he still does not want to fund his wife’s spending money simply because she is not actively working right now.

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