In 1982, This 19-Year-Old’s Remains Were Found Scattered Along A Long Island Highway After Attending A Rock Concert, And Her Case Has Remained Cold For Nearly 40 Years Now

In 1982, Tina Foglia of Brentwood, New York, was nineteen-years-old. Friends and family knew her as an adventurer, music enthusiast, and carefree lover of life.

And one of Tina’s most favored pastimes was frequenting the Long Island music scene. More specifically, the Hammerheads music club– a venue in West Islip that had become famous for launching cornerstone indie and alternative bands such as Zebra, Twisted Sisters, and Cintron.

So, the evening of January 31, 1982, started off not much different than any other weekend night.

Joseph Foglia, Tina’s father, remembers her leaving for the Hammerheads wearing black slacks, a white waist-length jacket, and brown suede shoes.

She was also set to see one of her friends perform in their band “Equinox.”

But, the Foglia family did not have an available car for Tina that evening. In turn, she was told to find a ride to the venue and back.

Tina did figure this out and arrived in time for the concert. Tragically, though, the last time she was ever seen alive was leaving the club at about 3:00 a.m. on Monday, February 1, 1982.

She never returned home that early morning or even the next day, and the Foglias reported Tina missing on Wednesday, February 3, 1982.

Facebook; pictured above is Tina

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