She Accidentally Gave A Family Heirloom Worth $2,000 To Her Brother-In-Law’s Ex, And He Is Furious

GTeam - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman’s brother-in-law recently moved in with her and her husband after he went through a rough breakup. Unfortunately, her brother-in-law’s ex-girlfriend had apparently been unfaithful, so he needed a place to stay.

Anyway, she cleaned up the house and prepared a room for him, and he has since been staying with her and her husband for a few days now.

But, while she was home alone one afternoon, his ex randomly showed up and asked for one of her brother-in-law’s belongings. More specifically, a ship model.

She was suspicious at first and asked why, but the ex said her brother-in-law had given it as a gift. So, the ex claimed it was their property.

After that, she went into her brother-in-law’s room, found the ship model in his closet, and ultimately gave it to the ex. Then, the ex thanked her, left, and she thought nothing of the interaction afterward.

However, once her brother-in-law got home, she was in massive trouble.

Before dinner began, he went to his room and apparently realized his ship model was no longer there. So, he ran out into the living room and asked if anyone had seen it. And that’s when she spilled the beans.

“He was shocked at first, but then he went off on me saying she was lying,” she recalled.

Then, she learned that the ship model had been a family heirloom he inherited from his dad. Moreover, it was worth a whopping two thousand dollars!

GTeam – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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