His Ex-Wife Gave Her New Baby His Last Name, And Now People Think He Is The Father

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This man was married to his ex-wife for seven long years before they eventually split up, got divorced, and parted ways about four years ago.

However, even after the divorce, his ex opted to keep his last name.

“I did not necessarily like it because it felt like she was still attaching herself to my family, but I could understand the practical reasons enough not to let it bother me,” he recalled.

Just recently, though, he found out that his ex gave birth to a child. And after she posted a photo of the baby and revealed their name, he realized something bizarre. The baby had his last name, too.

Then, one friend sent him a screenshot of the post asking if he had knocked her up. Yikes!

Plus, four other people directly contacted him to either send their congratulations or ask whether or not the baby was his.

“My mother says she has been catching whispers about it at church, too,” he said.

Anyway, even though it made him super uncomfortable, he did not make a big fuss about the baby’s name until he just so happened to run into his ex in town.

Of course, he first congratulated her on her baby. But then, he asked about the baby’s last time– to which she apparently said the child’s legal last name was “obviously” his.

Trendsetter Images – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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