She Confronted Her Coworker For Wearing Tops That Show Her Cleavage Off, And Now Her Coworker Is Avoiding Her

“I flat out said that it felt weird to me if this was the case and that it was kind of weird also that a married woman is okay with her cleavage showing at a professional workplace with male co-workers around,” she said.

“She got upset and asked how it was any of my business what she chooses to wear. respectfully, I told her she could wear whatever she want, but some employees just don’t feel comfortable having been exposed to this kind of stuff at work. She told me that it was none of my business and that those who have an issue with her clothes should stop being cowards hiding behind me and come talk to her face to face.”

Her conversation with Christina spiraled into a full-blown disagreement right then and there in front of everyone. Later on, a couple of her fellow female coworkers stated that they were in agreement with her, but they expected her to have broken this news to Christina in a nicer way.

Christina is avoiding her and the rest of her coworkers post conversation, and she believes Christina is not acting in a professional matter.

“I tried talking to her, and another argument started with her saying she’d take this to the administrators if “I keep it up,” but I was really just trying to talk things out,” she continued.

She’s left wondering if she was rude to confront Christina after all. Do you think so?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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