She Got Her Neighbor In Trouble For Selling Her Homemade Burritos And Tacos Out Of Her Garage

Her neighbor felt that she was being threatened, even though her tone was anything but while having this conversation. She walked back over to her house and filled her husband in, and he was furious.

“He then tells me that our elderly neighbor across the street got sick from her food as well and required medical treatment,” she said.

“After talking to my husband I decide to report my neighbor for selling food without a permit. I notice a few days later that the stall got shut down. Shortly after, my neighbor comes banging at my door.”

“She starts cussing and screaming at me…that her business is now shut down and she has to pay a fine. She then states that she hopes I “rot in hell” for making her financial struggles worse.”

While she does feel for her neighbor, and she feels like a jerk, she doesn’t think it’s permissible for her neighbor to be selling food to their neighborhood and making everyone seriously sick off her food.

Do you think it was wrong of her to report her neighbor, or did she really do what was right?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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