She Left Her Sister’s Singing Gig After Her Sister Got Everyone Tickets Except Her

deagreez - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This thirty-year-old woman has a younger sister named Sandra, who is twenty-three. Sandra has been trying to launch her career as a singer in a band and, this past week, landed another gig at a club.

So, she and her whole family were all invited by Sandra to attend the show via a group chat. And, of course, everyone said yes and planned to go together.

“We are all very supportive of her, and she has landed some great gigs. I always go to her performances when I can, even though it is hard to get out sometimes because I have young kids,” she said.

Anyway, on the night of the show, she and her family arrived at the venue together. But then, she noticed everyone skipping the ticket line and heading right toward the entrance.

Confused, she asked what everyone was doing, and they told her that Sandra had already put all their names down on the guest list.

But, once a bouncer checked the list, she realized that every single one of her family members’ names was on it except for her. Instead, she was told to go back to the end of the ticket line and wait her turn.

“At the same moment, Sandra popped out of the club to welcome everyone in. I asked her why I was not on the guest list too, but she just kind of made an awkward, embarrassed face and said ‘sorry’ quietly. Then, she went back in with the rest of the group,” she recalled.

After that, she understandably felt pretty insulted. But, she still wanted to support her sister, so she went through with the ticket purchase and headed inside.

However, she figured that she would just meet up with the rest of her family after buying her ticket. That did not happen, though.

deagreez – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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