She Refused To Sell A Goldfish To A Woman With An Inadequate Tank And The Woman Flipped Out

JackF - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-two-year-old has worked at a large chain pet store for three years now and totally loves her job.

She is very passionate about animals and has a lot of expertise in reptile and fish care– since she mainly works in those two pet sections.

“I take the welfare of our animals very seriously and always do my best to ensure they go to good homes by educating customers about proper care,” she said.

In fact, she cares about the animals’ well-being so much that she has even approached her management team about policy changes that make the pet store a better pet environment.

For example, she suggested they no longer use sand in the gecko enclosures, invest in better fish food, and more.

But, every now and then, she also has to deal with some customers who are unfit to take home a pet. And just last week, she ran into one of those instances.

It all began when a woman and her ten-year-old daughter entered the pet store and wanted to buy a fish.

The woman was apparently carrying a 0.25-gallon bowl and hoped to specifically buy a goldfish.

“But, for those that don’t know, goldfish are actually way more maintenance than you would think, and you need at least twenty gallons of space plus a filter at minimum,” she explained.

JackF – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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