Her Sister Offered To Watch Her Twins While She Was In Labor, But When She Came Home From The Hospital, She Saw That Her Sister Destroyed Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Her Baby Stuff

Daria - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 22-year-old girl has two twin boys who are 3-years-old, and 2 days ago, she gave birth to her daughter.

She has an older sister named Jodie, who is 34, and Jodie has not been able to have children, although she has been trying for a decade.

She has always felt guilty over the fact that Jodie has tried so hard, and for her, it’s been relatively easy to have children.

Back when she was pregnant with her sons, Jodie was even incredibly envious of her, and that did make waves between them.

With her latest pregnancy, Jodie’s jealousy subsided, but she still felt terrible that here she was pregnant again while Jodie desperately wanted a child of her own.

Now, after she and her husband found out that they were having their daughter, they made the decision not to have any more kids after her.

So, she generously offered to be a surrogate to her sister right after the doctors said it was ok for her to do so.

Jodie was thrilled that she would be willing to do something like this, and Jodie said she would be happy to watch the boys while she was in the hospital having her daughter.

She felt relieved that Jodie stepped up to take care of them so she could focus on the end of her pregnancy.

Daria – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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