She Snapped At Her Father, Who Has A Brain Injury, For Repeatedly Making Her Daughter Uncomfortable During Play Time

annanahabed - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This twenty-four-year-old woman has a disabled father who, unfortunately, has no frontal lobe.

Instead, his frontal lobe actually had to be removed about ten years ago due to a large brain tumor. And it was extremely challenging for her to watch and experience that period of her father’s life as a child.

But now that she is an adult, she has a two-year-old daughter herself. And she believes that her parents treat her daughter very well, for the most part.

“Both my mother and father are better grandparents than they ever were parents,” she said.

Nonetheless, her father has recently been behaving in a way that makes both her and her daughter super uncomfortable.

For context, she enforces a strict rule in her household which states that no one is allowed to touch her daughter if her daughter says no. And even though this rule sometimes offends older, more traditional relatives, she does not care– because she wants her daughter to know that you always have control over your own body.

“This is due to my own trauma, and most people are chill about it. Except for my dad,” she explained.

In fact, her dad will often scare her daughter by tickling her, grabbing at her shirt, and chasing her throughout the house.

But even if her daughter says, “Papa, stop!” and she tries to correct her father’s behavior, the resistance only seems to edge him on.

annanahabed – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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