She Flew 8 Hours To See Her Friend That She Has A Crush On, But When They Went Out To Dinner Everything Got Really Weird

Mariia Korneeva - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 28-year-old girl has a 33-year-old guy friend named Jason, and she has been close with him for a number of years.

She originally met Jason when they were back in college together, and they wound up hanging out with the same friends.

After they graduated, Jason went back to Canada, as that’s where he is from. Although they have not spent any time together in person since, they did spend a lot of time speaking to one another almost every day.

“I always had strong feelings for Jason after we spent hours a day talking,” she explained. “I adored this guy – thought he was intelligent, funny, and endearing, and I got the feeling he felt the same way.”

“He invited me to visit him, and I agreed as I’ve always wanted to check out his city. Booked my flight and Airbnb and flew over.”

So, she gets to Canada, and an entire week goes by without her getting to hang out with Jason.

She reached out to him to see when he would be free to spend time with her, and he got back to her saying they should grab dinner and drinks with one of his female friends that she didn’t know.

She said yes to this, and when she arrived at the restaurant that night to meet up with Jason and his friend, the pair had already finished eating when she walked through the door.

Jason and his friend were sitting in a booth side by side, so she sat down in the booth across from them. An hour into hanging out with Jason and his friend, everything started getting strange.

Mariia Korneeva – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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