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She’s Missing Her Nephew’s Funeral So She Can Go To Her Daughter’s Graduation Party

annawin - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

A 47-year-old mom has a daughter named Zoe, who is 18, and she’s throwing Zoe a graduation party soon.

The party is super important to her, as graduating from high school is an enormous milestone to hit, and she and Zoe are excited about the party.

Now, her family doesn’t live close at all, and they all reside in separate states.

“We’ve gone through a major tragedy recently, after my nephew and his partner both passed in an accident,” she explained.

“The funeral is the day before Zoe’s graduation party. It’s out of state, and I’ll need to fly, meaning I’ll miss Zoe’s graduation. It’s impossible for Zoe to go, and she’ll be bored anyway, so my husband will stay with her, but he’s saying that I should at least attend the funeral.”

“Zoe, however, is a bit upset naturally, as she wants me to be there as well. Me and sister Grace (57), my nephew’s mom, get along well and everything, but we’ve never been super close since she’s significantly older than me, and she’d moved out before I was a teen.”

When she heard the terrible news that her nephew sadly passed away, she called Grace immediately.

Understandably, Grace was a wreck on their call, and she was extremely upset. She then informed Grace that she would be unable to make it to the funeral for her nephew, and now her other sister freaked out on her for it.

As for the remainder of her family members? They’re accusing her of not caring about her nephew and acting as if throwing a party is alright in such a sad time.

annawin – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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