The Queen Really Loved Her Corgis, But What Will Happen To Her Four Beloved Furry Friends Now?

Yulia - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

While people across the globe mourn Queen Elizabeth II’s death, many have also worried that her Majesty’s four-legged friends would be left hanging in the balance.

The Queen was a dog lover through and through and had a particular soft spot in her heart for the intelligent and enthusiastic Corgi breed.

In fact, she was even a mom to four Corgis herself. The ninety-six-year-old’s eldest pup, Candy, had stood by her side for thirteen years.

The Queen’s infatuation with the animals began when she was just seven years old after a family friend introduced her to her first Corgi. Then, at the age of eighteen, she was gifted her first Corgi, Susan.

And ever since then, it is estimated that the Queen has owned over thirty dogs– many being Susan’s descendants. Even though this may sound like a log of paws to handle, though, the Queen never left her beloved pets behind.

Instead, they were actually quite inseparable from her Majesty. The dogs would travel abroad with the monarch on her jet and even be present during crucial meetings with world leaders.

Plus, at home, the pups were beyond spoiled. Buckingham Palace even had a designated room called “The Corgi Room,” where two footmen constantly looked after them.

Don’t get me wrong, though. Queen Elizabeth also put in her fair share of doggy duty by making sure to walk her pups twice a day.

As she got older, though, the Queen did decide to stop breeding her pups– because, like a true dog mom, she did not want to leave any young ones behind her.

Yulia – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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