He Swears That When He Was A Teenager, Something Paranormal Sprinted Up Behind Him In His House

Mihail - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

When this man was a teenager, he lived at his mother’s house. And one night, he decided to invite his girlfriend over for a nighttime hangout.

After they relaxed in his room for a while, though, he started to get a bit hungry. His girlfriend apparently was, too, so he decided to head to the kitchen and whip them up a snack. More specifically, nachos– because why not, right?

Anyway, he went downstairs alone and walked through his pitch-black house to make the snack. His mother’s home was really small– basically, the size of a large trailer, to put it into perspective.

“So, there is not much space to be freaked out,” he prefaced.

It is also important to note that he and his mother had a lot of pets, including multiple dogs, cats, and two birds. And the animals usually provided him with a sense of security.

That night, though, he would end up fleeing the kitchen while feeling far from comfortable.

It all began after he walked into the kitchen, turned on the lights, and started prepping the nachos. In his house, the living room was right next to the kitchen– and he remembered seeing all three of his cats fast asleep on the couch.

Then, while he waited for the nacho cheese to melt, he decided to pass the time by giving one of his cats, Jax, a belly rub.

Finally, once the nachos were dripping in gooey cheese and ready to be devoured, he was all set to head back upstairs. So, he flicked the kitchen lights off and began walking to his room.

Mihail – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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