Her Husband And In-Laws Wouldn’t Let Her Daughter Bring A Teddy Bear To His Birthday Dinner, So She Got A Different Table At The Restaurant, And It Made Her Husband Furious

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman has a daughter who is just 10-years-old. At that age, you are supposed to be pleading with your parents for sleepovers and worrying about what cartoons come on after school.

Unfortunately, though, her daughter has had to deal with the weight of something much heavier– her 11-year-old best friend dying from leukemia.

So, her daughter has understandably been beyond devastated and trying to find ways to console herself. And one of the solutions has been a sentimental plush toy.

“My daughter started carrying around the teddy bear her friend gave her as a way to soothe and control her anxiety,” she explained.

And even though she thought that was a perfectly appropriate way for her daughter to grieve, her husband– who is her daughter’s stepfather– totally disagrees.

In fact, he actually thinks that it is absolutely ridiculous to carry a teddy bear around in public and even said her daughter is going through a “behavioral issue.”

Well, anyway, they just agreed to disagree on that topic until just yesterday– her husband’s birthday.

She, her husband, her daughter, and their extended family all had plans to go out to dinner and celebrate the occasion. But her husband was traveling separately, so he just told her and her daughter to meet him there.

And obviously, her daughter wanted to bring the teddy bear again– so she let her. But apparently, the moment her husband and mother-in-law spotted the plush toy, their faces turned white as a ghost.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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