In 1974, This Teen Vanished While Hitchhiking, And It Is Believed She Was Abducted By A Biker Gang

Instead, a community member last spotted Amy hitchhiking on Main Highway in Coconut Grove.

And weirdly, her camera was later discovered at the Wildwood’s exit on the Florida Turnpike just a short while after Amy disappeared.

A man who had reportedly heard about Amy’s disappearance found the camera and turned it into authorities. Unfortunately, though, the camera did not hold many clues.

Rather, the police discovered that most of the photos were severely overexposed. They were also unable to determine whether or not the camera was lost before Amy vanished.

Despite that dead end, though, Ned and Susan did receive an influx of tips from the community– so many, in fact, that Amy’s parents and investigators were sent on “a wild goose chase across the country.”

This was because many of the tips alleged that Amy had been abducted by a biker gang after they made their way through town for Biker’s Day.

And after following up with these leads, investigators were able to narrow down the search to two biker gangs– The Outlaws and The Pagans.

Additionally, if Amy was with these gangs, she was believed to possibly be going under a few different aliases– including Sunshine, Little Bits, Mute, or Mellow Cheryl.

Tragically, though, Amy was never found, and her case has remained unsolved for forty-eight years now. Her mother, Susan, never stopped looking for Amy for thirty-one years.

“I love my daughter, and love never quits,” she once said.

But, on June 7, 2005, Susan sadly passed away before ever seeing her daughter again.

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