This 25-Year-Old Woman Was Supposed To Be Traveling In A Tractor-Trailer With Her Friend: But, The Truck Crashed, The Driver Died, And She Was Never Found At The Scene

On the morning of September 14, a tractor-trailer collided with an overpass while traveling down I-85 near Hillsborough, North Carolina. The truck flipped over and caught on fire, and the driver of the vehicle, Danny McNeil, died.

Upon responding to the accident, North Carolina authorities only discovered Danny and his dog in the truck. He was fifty-one years old and from Exmore, Virginia.

But, one Virginia family is certain that a loved one was in the truck when it fatally crashed– even though she is still nowhere to be found.

Alyssa Nicole Taylor, a twenty-five-year-old woman from Oak Hall, Virginia, was reported missing on September 20. She had not made contact with her family since September 13.

And according to her mother, Krista Taylor, Alyssa said that she was going to be traveling in a tractor-trailer with a friend the last time they spoke.

Text records between Alyssa and Danny also confirm that Danny was supposed to pick Alyssa up on his route from Delaware to North Carolina.

“Can you get me today? I’ll be in Oak Hall,” Alyssa asked Danny.

“Yeah,” Danny responded.

Facebook; pictured above is Alyssa

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