She Freaked Out On Her Husband For Surprising Her With A New Bike Because He Initially Lied And Used Part Of Their Emergency Fund To Buy It

maxbelchenko - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband recently just bought a new apartment, which they were super excited about.

But that also meant that basically all of their savings had been wiped out– well, except for their emergency fund, which could support them for about four months maximum.

And on top of that, about a week ago, her husband decided to take their car in for an oil change.

Rather than just getting that service, though, her husband told her that the mechanic found a bunch of other issues with the car.

So, her husband said he was going to take money out of the emergency fund to cover the auto repair costs. After she saw how much cash her husband had taken out, though, she was devastated.

“It was about a quarter of our savings, and it ruined my entire week,” she recalled.

Just yesterday, though, her husband came home with a really expensive surprise out of nowhere.

Apparently, she had been dreaming of getting a new bicycle for the past few months but knew there was no way in hell they could afford it at the time.

Then, her husband just waltzed in with a brand new bike– and was clearly over the moon to give it to her.

maxbelchenko – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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