She Got A Matching Tattoo On A First Date With A Guy She Met On A Dating App

Getting matching tattoos with someone is a huge commitment. Even if you’re getting the tattoo with someone you’d consider to be your best friend, you may never know what might happen to that relationship one day.

People especially advise against couple tattoos, although that’s pretty common knowledge now.

Yet there are still those who are going out and getting matching tats with people in their life. But one person recently took it up a notch.

Ally (@lil.allyway), a young woman on TikTok, recently made a video about how she got matching tattoos with someone she matched with on Tinder for their first date. Yes, you read that correctly!

In the video, Ally records herself getting ready. She puts on her makeup and, as she brushes her teeth, writes a caption explaining that she didn’t even know what kind of tattoo she was going to get.

But she went on with her routine anyway, doing her hair and grabbing some things at Starbucks before meeting her date on the beach.

After their nice stroll in the sand, Ally still didn’t know what tattoo she would be getting by the time they walked into the tattoo shop. Then, her TikTok video cuts to her in the shop chair, getting tattooed by one of the shop’s artists.

Although it’s unclear exactly what the tattoos are, Ally shows both her and her date’s arms bandaged up, meaning they both went through with it!

TikTok; pictured above is Ally in her video

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