He Just Found Out His Daughter Bullied A Girl Into Switching Schools, So As Punishment, He’s Not Allowing Her To Go To Her Senior Prom Or Homecoming

focusandblur - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Two days ago, this guy found out that his daughter Sam was involved in a bullying incident that got so bad the girl she and some other kids targeted ended up switching schools entirely.

He also learned there was a racial component to the bullying that went on, and that shocked him and his wife the most.

He and his wife have really tried their best to make sure all 3 of their children are sweet, in addition to honest.

Obviously, Sam has not been upholding the values that he and his wife so diligently tried to instill in her.

“I don’t believe that a grounding and a confiscation of electronics is harsh enough for what Sam did, so I told Sam that she won’t be allowed to participate in homecoming or attend senior prom,” he explained.

“I also told her that she won’t be getting a car for her 18th birthday either. Finally, I told her that she’ll have to delete all of her social media accounts with either me or her mother watching.”

“Sam begged me to allow her to go to senior prom because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event and keep just her Instagram account because it had pictures going back years that weren’t saved anywhere else. I told her that she shouldn’t have been a racist bully.”

Currently, his own parents are living in his house along with his family, as their house is being renovated.

So, his parents became involved in the Sam situation, and they do think that what Sam did to this poor girl is absolutely awful and deserving of some kind of punishment.

focusandblur – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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