She Had A Spooky Encounter With A Ghostly Spirit At An Abandoned Hospital

Stefan Schierle - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual place

When this twenty-eight-year-old woman named Nicole was younger, her father worked as a security guard. And one of her father’s gigs was working the night security shift at an abandoned hospital in her hometown.

The hospital apparently first opened back in 1988 and only kept its doors open for a very short time– because it ended up closing in 2003. Then, just one year after the hospital shut down, her father began to patrol the premises every night in 2004.

And sometimes, she would even get to go to work with her father. While her dad would sit at the computer between rounds, she would get to explore the abandoned hospital on her own.

But little did she know that she would come to have countless spooky experiences while roaming the hospital’s old halls.

“I had many paranormal experiences during the time my father worked there from 2004 to 2011. I saw a bunch of things,” she revealed.

Nonetheless, one specific experience– which just so happened to be her first paranormal encounter– has always stuck with her.

That night, she started to explore the hospital when she wandered into the old intensive care unit (ICU). And right after entering, she heard some humming coming from one of the ICU rooms.

So, she decided to investigate and walked into the room. But what she saw totally stunned her.

“I saw a young woman, probably about twenty years old, with long black hair and blue eyes sitting on the bed,” she recalled.

Stefan Schierle – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual place

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