She Lied About Having A Life-Threatening Allergy To Make Sure The Restaurant Her Sister’s Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Was Hosted At Served Her A Vegan Meal, And It Cost Her Parents Several Hundred Dollars

Catalin Pop - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman has been a vegan for over five years, and since she lives in a major metropolitan city, accommodating her diet has never really been an issue. After all, there are countless restaurants that offer either an entirely or partially vegan menu.

But, she does always run into problems whenever she visits her family– who lives in rural Pennsylvania, where vegan options are practically nonexistent. Plus, the overall perception of veganism in her hometown is pretty negative.

“Attitudes toward veganism here range from ignorance to outright hostility. So, I try to avoid eating out with my family at all costs when I am home,” she explained.

However, just as life is far from predictable, she is also not always able to avoid going to restaurants. And most recently, when she was forced to eat out for her sister’s wedding rehearsal, there was a massive family blowout.

It all began after she found out where her sister’s rehearsal dinner was being hosted. The restaurant is known as the best “fine dining” establishment in her small town and prides itself on being a “French-influenced steakhouse.”

And she could not despise the menu fare more. It apparently includes every imaginable cut of steak– drowned in butter– as well as some fish and chicken, which she claims are also drenched in butter.

“Plus, sides of veggies and mashed potatoes that are– yes, smothered in butter. And the one or two vegetarian dishes are buttered and drowned in a creamy sauce,” she said.

On top of that, she claims that she had already suffered two negative experiences at the restaurant. The first time, after she explained her vegan diet to the wait staff, she was apparently served a “sad little plate” of broccoli that was drizzled with butter. That same day, they also gave her an iceberg lettuce salad that was covered in ranch.

But, the second instance was arguably worse. When she visited the restaurant that time, the chef apparently went to her table and personally promised her that the tomato pasta dish was vegan.

Catalin Pop – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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