She Thinks Her Sister’s New Doll Is Haunted And Needs Help Figuring Out How To Get Rid Of It

“I just don’t feel good about this, and I am trying to convince her to get rid of it,” she said.

So, as a last resort, she decided to post about her sister’s elf rag doll on Reddit in hopes of getting some advice about what to do. And tons of suggestions have been pouring in– but they are pretty mixed. Some people have suggested setting the doll on fire.

“Burn it in a safe location. Don’t abandon in the woods. Whatever it has come into contact with needs to be cleansed and blessed and rid of lingering energy,” wrote one user.

However, others claimed that burning the doll would probably be the worst thing to do.

“Don’t burn it like people are saying. That literally releases the entity, and it can then follow you. Seek advice from professionals. Many ghost-hunting groups will be intrigued, have experience, and may willingly take it off your hands,” said another user.

Plus she has also been advised to get a priest to cleanse and sage her sister’s house, as well as secure the doll inside a ring of salt.

“A buddy of mine had a similar experience. He actually recorded the damn thing twirling. Take it back to where you got it. Seal it in a container, and put a ring of salt around it. I’m not sure if he blessed the house; I think he just saged it,” a third user wrote.

She has since revealed that she and her sister did put the elf rag doll in the garage and laid down a salt ring around it.

“My sister’s chest pain has vanished since moving it there,” she shared.

Nonetheless, she is still at a loss about what to do next with the doll and is open to any more suggestions.

Do you have any experience dealing with paranormal activity at home? What about potentially haunted dolls? If so, how would you deal with this freaky situation? 

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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