The Los Angeles Pet Cemetery Provides The Ultimate Final Resting Place Beside The Furry Friends Of Celebrities Past

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Having a furry friend in your life one day and losing them the next can be one of the most difficult losses to deal with. After all, for many people, their pups are their best friends.

Rather than honoring your beloved dog with a place on the mantel, though, can you imagine laying them to rest amongst other animals who have crossed the rainbow bridge?

Well, in 1928, the celebrity veterinarian Dr. Eugene Jones thought that was a wonderful idea. So, after caring for famous four-legged friends his entire career, Jones decided to extend his care with a mission of providing passed pets with a beautiful final resting place.

So, that year, he launched the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery– which is located on over ten acres of land in Calabasas, California.

The cemetery became the first of its kind in Los Angeles County, and after Jones buried his own dog there, much of his celebrity clientele followed suit.

The cemetery has since amassed over forty-two thousand graves and is home to many pets of stars past.

While going for a stroll through its grounds, you might spot the headstones of Boots, Charlie Chaplin’s cat, or Spot from “The Little Rascals.”

The cemetery is also home to Jiggs, the chimpanzee who played “Cheeta” in “Tarzan,” as well as Tawny, one of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) lions.

Don’t get me wrong, though. While the cemetery has attracted many stars over the years, anyone with a dearly departed pet can visit or obtain the cemetery’s services.

chendongshan – – illustrative purpose only

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