This Labor And Delivery Nurse Is Talking About The Most Shocking Things She’s Ever Seen On The Job

Some of the most underappreciated people are labor and delivery nurses. When they’re good at their job, they can make the most exciting day of an expectant parent’s life even better and be a tremendous source of comfort during the painful process of labor.

Having experienced so many births, labor and delivery nurses often have some crazy stories to tell. One nurse and TikTok user recently made a video about some of the most shocking things she has ever witnessed on the job.

Aside from working as a labor and delivery nurse, Anna (@anna.the.nurse) is an awesome TikTok content creator who makes tons of videos about life as a nurse. Here are some of the craziest things she has seen while helping mothers in the delivery room.

At the beginning of her video, Anna recalls the time she witnessed the fastest a woman has ever gotten out of bed to walk around after a c-section.

For those who don’t know, a c-section is an extremely intense surgical procedure, and it’s common for women to need hours before they can even get out of bed.

But one of Anna’s patients was not only out of bed within three hours without any help but walked all the way outside so that she could smoke a cigarette.

“Speaking of smoking cigarettes,” says Anna in her video. “I had a patient once who lit up a cigarette in her bathroom, finished it, and then proceeded to tell me that she didn’t.”

Anna remembers there being visible cigarette ashes all over the bathroom and a strong cigarette smoke odor. Yikes.

TikTok; pictured above is Anna in one of her videos

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