This Woman Always Hears A Voice In Her Ear Before She Falls Asleep And Is Trying To Figure Out If It’s Natural Or The Doing Of Something A Bit Spookier

Gorodenkoff - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

For this woman named Jessica’s entire life, she has always heard a voice speaking to her before she falls asleep.

And obviously, she knows that the bizarre reoccurrence could probably be explained away as just another funny thing that happens while drifting off to sleep.

But, she also began to wonder if perhaps the voice was possibly something– or someone– else. So, she decided to ask the witches of Reddit for their insight.

“Basically, when I lay down for bed, right when I start to drift to sleep, I will hear a voice. And usually, it is always someone yelling my name, ‘Jessica!'” she explained.

One time, though, the voice felt more real than ever before. That night, the voice’s screams actually seemed so loud that her eardrum hurt in real life.

“It was as if the voice was physically next to my ear,” she recalled.

And ever since then, she has heard the voice at least once every week or two. Sometimes it screams the same thing, like her name. Other times, the voice shouts a short phrase– such as, “Just let it go!”

She also revealed that although she is an atheist, she does believe in spiritual energy. That’s why she enlisted the Witchcraft Reddit thread for help.

And interestingly, some Reddit users described having similar experiences– but have written them off as nothing.

Gorodenkoff – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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