21-Year-Old Marsy Nicholas Was Months Away From Graduating College And Pursuing Her Dream Of Becoming A Special Education Teacher When She Was Stalked And Killed By Her Ex-Boyfriend In 1983

From the minute Marsalee “Marsy” Ann Nicholas was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, she began expressing care and love for everything around her– from animals to nature to loved ones.

Then, as a toddler, Marsy’s family moved to California– and there, she was able to grow her fondness for horses. By the age of ten, Marsy secured the title of Champion English and Western horseback rider.

And in her teen years, she explored a new love of teaching. Marsy worked with countless blind students while attending high school– an experience that would later significantly impact her career dreams.

So, at seventeen years old, she decided to attend UC Santa Barbara (UCSB) in hopes of becoming a special education teacher one day.

Marsy went on to thrive at UCSB, and by November of 1983, the twenty-one-year-old was just a few months away from graduating and securing her degree.

On November 30, though, Marsy’s dreams and life were tragically taken from her. That day, Marsy’s ex-boyfriend stalked and murdered her.

The Nicholas family was, of course, shattered. No one ever thought that something so horrible would ever happen to Marsy, and they attempted to heal.

Just one week after Marsy’s death and on the day of her funeral, though, the Nicholas family was forced to re-live their daughter’s passing all over again.; pictured above is Marsy

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