Weird Things Started Happening To Her And Her Roommate After They Took A Mirror Off The Wall Of Their Home That Belonged To The Previous Owners

Borisz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Has one tiny action you’ve made ever kickstarted a strange chain of events? This happened to a woman and her roommate who experienced a lot of spooky things after moving an object in their new home that may have been haunted.

She moved into a house that her new roommate had occupied for one year. The house was interesting and had a basement filled with old furniture that once belonged to the original owners, including complete bedroom sets.

Once she began moving in, the two decided to rearrange the living room. On the wall opposite their fireplace and mantle hung a mirror from the basement that her roommate put up a while ago.

They took down that mirror in order to put up their television. Until they figured out what to do with it, they placed it leaning up against a wall. No big deal, right? Well, once that mirror was taken down, creepy things started happening.

One instance occurred in the basement, where all that old furniture was. In one corner of the basement is an old cot that belonged to the original owner.

After taking the mirror down, they realized that the lights had gone out only in that one corner. When they investigated what was happening, they discovered human footprints all over the cot. It appeared as though someone had been pacing back and forth all over it.

“No one in their right mind would walk barefoot down there as it’s dirty and there’s been rats,” she explains. “We measured our feet next to the prints, and while [they’re] roughly the same length, they were way too wide to be either of ours.”

Days later, when she went down in the basement to do laundry, she brought her dog down with her to feel more protected. While she was putting clothes in the wash, her dog would not take his eyes off the corner with the cot in it. She felt like she was being watched. How scary is that?

Then weird things started happening around the mirror that they placed on the floor. One day while she was on the phone in the living room, she noticed her dog start barking. He was barking at the mirror, but he wasn’t looking at his reflection. It was almost like he saw something that she couldn’t see.

Borisz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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