Her Sister-In-Law’s Wedding Got Called Off So She Canceled Her $700 Wedding Gift, But Now Her Sister-In-Law Is Really Upset

Tetiana - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

This woman is married, but her husband is in the military and is still currently deployed overseas. So, when her husband’s sister got engaged and set the wedding date for this past September, she was forced to take the reins and figure out a wedding gift on her own.

Thankfully, her sister-in-law did publish a gift registry– which made the whole process a bit easier. But, she noticed there was an issue with one of the items on it.

Apparently, her sister-in-law had discussed wanting one of the items but in a specific variation. Well, on the registry, she realized that her sister-in-law had asked for a different variation of the same item.

And, of course, she did not want to spend a ton of money– seven hundred dollars, to be exact– on the wrong gift. So, she decided to reach out to her sister-in-law to clarify exactly what variation she should buy.

Obviously, though, this meant that her sister-in-law found out what she was buying off the registry. But it was totally fine with both her and her sister-in-law at the time.

Anyway, since deciding to go with that item, her sister-in-law’s wedding was sadly called off following a breakup.

And after hearing the news, she realized that her wedding present had not shipped yet. So, she decided to just cancel the purchase.

Well, just this past week, her sister-in-law actually reached out to her about the gift.

“Since my sister-in-law knew I was purchasing the gift, and we live far away, she was concerned that it had been delivered and someone had stolen it,” she recalled.

Tetiana – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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