In 1995, This 6-Year-Old Girl Was Abducted While Attending A Little League Game With Her Mother In Arkansas And Has Remained Missing For Over 27 Years

On June 9, 1995, a six-year-old girl from Alma, Arkansas, and her mother attended what was supposed to be a carefree Friday night little league game. But then, halfway through the event, the girl– named Morgan Nick– was abducted before her mother’s eyes.

It all began while Morgan and her mother, Colleen Nick, were sitting in the stands and watching the innings fly by at Wofford baseball field– which was just a mile away from the Alma police station.

And at one point, Morgan asked her mother if she and her friends could catch lightning bugs. Morgan’s mother agreed, so the kids went off to play.

Tragically, though, Morgan was never able to return to the stands and reunite with her mother. Instead, the six-year-old was abducted at about 10:45 p.m.

She was last seen standing near Colleen’s car in the parking lot– which was just a few yards away from where Colleen was sitting and watching the game.

And according to Morgan’s friends, a “creepy” man had approached the six-year-old while she was fixing her shoes. Other witnesses also recalled seeing the same unidentified man observing Morgan while she frolicked with her friends.

Then, in the few moments that she was left alone, Morgan was believed to be stolen from the field while the attendees were focused on the baseball game.

At the time of her abduction, Morgan was wearing blue denim shorts, a green Girl Scout t-shirt, and white tennis shoes. She also had five distinct silver caps on her molars, stood four feet tall, and had blonde hair and blue eyes.

Facebook; pictured above is Morgan in May of 1995

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