TikTok’s Beloved “Corn Kid” Tariq Partnered With Green Giant To Donate 50,000 Cans Of Corn To Families In Need This Thanksgiving

Nowadays, you might not hear the “It’s Corn!” soundbite being used as much online. But that does not mean Tariq has gone anywhere. In fact, he is now using his love of corn as an impactful way to give back to the community.

The seven-year-old from Brooklyn recently partnered with Green Giant to donate a whopping fifty thousand cans of Green Giant corn to City Harvest– New York City’s largest not-for-profit food rescue organization– on Monday.

The cans were included in Thanksgiving meal boxes and will help City Harvest meet the increasing food demand around the holiday. All of the cans were sent out for delivery on Monday and Tuesday, and Green Giant also donated another forty thousand cans of traditional Thanksgiving vegetables.

“Corn is a vegetable, and vegetables are good for you,” Tariq said in a PIX11 interview. He also added that knowing the cans are going to people in need makes him really happy.

On top of that, Tariq and Green Giant also released a “Cooking with ‘Corn Kid'” video on Youtube, where young and old fans alike can prepare a delicious corn dish alongside their favorite viral child. Spoiler alert: Tariq is somehow even more wholesome in this one-minute short than in the original TikTok!

So, to watch Tariq hilariously navigate the cooking process while sharing his love of corn with pride (and adorable pronunciations), you can visit the Youtube video linked here.

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