You’ve Most Likely Heard Of Edgar Allan Poe, But Do You Know About The Sad Story Of His Sister, Rosalie?

Rachel Cathryn - - pictured above is the grave of Edgar Allan Poe

As a chill becomes present in the air and winter arrives, people love to curl up with a dark Edgar Allan Poe poem to immerse themselves in.

Poe is recognized as one of the world’s most famous writers, best known for his poetry and effect on the modern day short story.

Lots of information has been uncovered about Edgar Allan Poe’s life. In fact, you can even his home in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

However, there is someone from Poe’s life that is not often mentioned and has a bit of a mysterious past. His sister, Rosalie Poe.

Rosalie was the last-born child of her and Edgar’s mother, Elizabeth Arnold Poe. It is estimated that she was born in December of 1810.

Many Edgar Allan Poe enthusiasts may know that his father, David Poe, eventually abandoned his family.

This has led to much confusion as to whether or not Rosalie and Edgar share the same biological father because David left around the time she would have been conceived.

An interesting conspiracy involves an actor, John Howard Payne, being speculated as her biological father.

John and Elizabeth Poe were performers on the same stage. However, it is just an unconfirmed rumor.

Rachel Cathryn – – pictured above is the grave of Edgar Allan Poe

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