This Teen Won’t Stay With His Stepmother And Half-Siblings While His Grandparents Undergo Surgeries, And His Stepmother Is Making Him Feel Really Guilty About It

morrowlight - - illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

Unfortunately, this seventeen-year-old man has had to deal with a lot of grief throughout his life.

When he was just five-years-old, he lost his mother. And following his mother’s passing, his father went on to meet a new woman named Gemma. His father and Gemma had two children– his half-sisters– during their marriage.

But, once he turned eleven-years-old, his father also passed away, too. So, at that point, his stepmother Gemma wanted him to keep living with her and his half-sisters.

However, Gemma had never formally adopted him, and he honestly wanted to live with his maternal grandparents.

“Gemma tried to convince me to stay, but it was never what I wanted. She was fine, I got along with her, but she was never mom,” he revealed.

“Gemma was stepmom, that was it. And I didn’t feel strongly about that title, either.”

So, his grandparents were actually forced to take Gemma to court, and they ended up winning custody of him.

And now, at seventeen, he only sees his half-sisters about once a month and does not play a huge role in their lives. As for Gemma, his stepmom plays absolutely no role in his life whatsoever.

Gemma ended up getting engaged to a new man after his father passed away. Then, she moved into the new man’s house and had three more kids. And even though Gemma tried to get him to be a part of her family, he was really just never interested.

morrowlight – – illustrative purpose only, not the actual person

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