A Donut Tree Is A Fun And Festive Thing To Include At Your Christmas Brunch This Year, And Here Are 3 Different Ways You Can Make One

A donut Christmas tree sounds complicated to make, but it’s actually a breeze to put together, and it’s a pretty fun and festive thing to include at your Christmas brunch this year.

It can also serve as a show-stopping holiday centerpiece for your dessert table. The towering tree consists of donut holes and a large styrofoam cone found at any craft store. For a fun, festive, and tasty time, consider making a donut hole tree this Christmas!

There are three different approaches you can take that vary slightly depending on how you want your donut tree to look.

The first method from TikToker @byalainanicole requires you to coat the styrofoam cone in white icing. Take toothpicks to attach some powdered donut holes to the cone.

Then, fill in the spaces between the donuts with white icing. Throw little red and green M&M’s on top of the icing for a pop of Christmassy color. And you’ll be left with a white snow-covered tree!


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? Snowman – Sia

For the second style of tree from TikToker @jessthrowiton, start by wrapping the styrofoam cone in foil.

Cut the excess foil at the base of the cone so it’ll be able to stand upright. Next, insert glazed donut holes into the cone using toothpicks.

When that’s done, wash a bowl of raspberries and stick them onto the spots where the foil is peeking through.

Lastly, sift some powdered sugar over the tree to emulate a dusting of snow, which will make it extra beautiful.

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