Candied Cranberries Are A Festive Snack You Can Try Making

TikTok - @biteswithbecs

Dress up your desserts for Christmas with some candied cranberries, or enjoy them solo as a holiday snack.

You won’t believe how addictive they are, and you’ll hardly be able to stop popping the sparkling ruby-red gems into your mouth.

We love cranberries for the holidays. They’re like nature’s jewels, and what could be more valuable than that?

Plus, they make everything more festive. Rest assured, these sugary cranberries are better than any store-bought artificial candies, and probably much healthier too!

Becca Guevara (@biteswithbecs) on TikTok has the easiest recipe for candied cranberries that anyone can follow. After making this, you’ll definitely want to keep the cranberries coming!

According to Becca, this recipe takes less than ten minutes to make. First, grab a bag of fresh cranberries and give them a rinse.

While they are draining, take a plastic Ziplock bag and add in some powdered sugar.

There’s no need for exact measurements for the powdered sugar. You just want enough to be able to coat the cranberries completely.

Then, toss the cranberries into the bag with the sugar.

The next part is optional, but Becca adds some cinnamon and orange zest for an extra layer of flavor. If you choose to forgo this step, your cranberries will still turn out delicious!

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