She Got Custody Of Her Brother’s Kids After They Were Being Bullied At Home, So Now That Her Parents Invited Her Brother And His Stepchildren To Christmas, She Is Refusing To Go

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This thirty-year-old woman currently has custody of her brother’s children– her niece, who is nine, and her nephew, who is eight. And her finally getting custody of the kids was a win that came after a lot of turmoil.

Apparently, her brother’s ex– the children’s mother– died when her nephew was born. And after the tragedy, her brother remained single for about two years before he met a new woman and got married just one year later.

That woman, her brother’s current wife, also had two older children. However, the older kids absolutely despised the fact that their mom got remarried. Moreover, they did not want her brother’s children to be a part of their family.

“They treated [my niece and nephew] horribly. They were cruel bullies, and my brother’s wife was more focused on pretending that she could mother all of the children and ignored the fact her kids hated my niece and nephew,” she explained.

Then, at one point, her niece and nephew even asked her brother if he would leave his wife. That way, the other kids would not be so mean.

But, according to her, her brother refused. It was also at that moment that her brother’s wife changed.

“[My brother’s wife] thought they saw her as their mom. But, I suppose hearing over and over from her kids that they were not, alongside knowing they were in their lives because she was, made it hard for a true bond to form given the extent of the bullying,” she said.

So, she tried to step in and help her niece and nephew. She claims to have spoken with her brother, as well as her brother’s wife, on numerous occasions.

She did everything she could to get them to open their eyes and see that her niece and nephew’s lives were unbearable due to their older stepsiblings.

GTeam – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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