Her Ex-Husband Just Found Out His New Wife Will Not Be Able To Have Biological Children And Now Wants Their Kids To Spend Christmas With Him, But She Told Her Ex That His Wife’s Feelings Are Not Her Or Her Children’s Problem 

iVazoUSky - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual kids

This woman and her ex-husband entered a relationship when they were quite young and ultimately had three children together– who are now fifteen, fourteen, and thirteen-years-old.

Soon after having the kids, though, she claims that her marriage just crashed and burned.

“We were young, unsuited to be together, and we both came from very restrictive households, which pushed us together out of a sense of clawing for freedom,” she explained.

Then, following the separation, she tried to date for a while before realizing that she simply liked being single. Her ex, on the other hand, got remarried just over a year after their divorce to a woman named Ani.

Now, she and Ani reportedly have a pretty complicated relationship. She claims that Ani does adore her children but was very jealous during the early days of dating her ex.

And she claims that her and her ex’s custody split is what made Ani most upset. Apparently, she got primary custody of the children; meanwhile, her ex got the kids every other weekend due to the nature of his job at the time.

Even though Ani wanted more time, she just did not think it was reasonable– mainly because her ex would not even be home when the kids were with their stepmother.

A judge ended up agreeing with her, too and stated that whenever the children’s father was not around, it made sense for the kids to be with her– their biological mother.

So, as you can imagine, that already ruffled Ani’s feathers. On top of that, though, the different levels of affection her children displayed also got under Ani’s skin.

iVazoUSky – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual kids

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