Her Ex-Husband Wants To Take Their Son’s Old Toys To Give To His Toddler Twins, But She Thinks They Should Be Saved For Her Son’s Future Children

New Africa - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual toys

This forty-year-old woman and her ex-husband, who is thirty-nine, currently have a twenty-year-old son together. And they actually ended up getting divorced about fifteen years ago after her ex came out as gay.

Unfortunately, though, she claims that right after their separation, her ex became a totally absent parent for the next six years of her son’s life.

In fact, it was not until her ex actually met his current husband and settled down for a second time that he re-entered her son’s life.

And thankfully, ever since then, her ex has become a way better parent. They also split custody fifty-fifty– so she and her ex spend equal time taking care of their son.

Despite her ex “forgetting” about their son for six years, though, she claims that her ex’s parents never did. Instead, they actually disowned her ex– their son– but still wanted to be a part of her baby boy’s life.

“And they are wealthy, so my son never missed out on anything in his life,” she revealed.

In fact, her ex-in-laws actually contributed to her son’s college education and are now even paying for his apartment plus expenses. That way, her son does not have to worry about finding a part-time job while in school.

On top of that, back when her son was between the ages of three and ten, her ex-in-laws bought him every type of toy under the sun. And both she and her son could not have been more grateful.

“Those are expensive and amazing toys for a child. My son was so careful as a child, so the toys are as good as new,” she recalled.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual toys

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