Her Niece Wrongfully Accused Her Teen Daughter Of Stealing AirPods And Told The Entire Family That Her Daughter Was A Thief, So She Banned Her Niece From Her House

morrowlight - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This forty-year-old woman lives with her husband, who is also forty, and her daughter Laura, who is fifteen.

She also has a twenty-six-year-old niece, Kelly. And even though she is really close with her siblings and all of their children, she really has not seen much of Kelly in recent years. This strain really happened after Kelly moved to another city, which is around three hours away.

With the holidays just around the corner now, though, Kelly has been in town and hanging out with the family a lot more. And, of course, this was nice at first.

But, after Kelly was at her house again just a few days ago, a ton of family drama ensued.

Apparently, the issue all stems back to when she hosted a family dinner earlier this week– which both her daughter Laura and her niece Kelly attended. The dinner honestly went fine, too, until Kelly gave her a random phone call the next day.

During that conversation, her niece was reportedly furious and actually accused Laura of stealing her AirPods.

Understandably, she was completely confused and asked why the heck Kelly would say that. But, her niece went on to detail how the AirPods had been in her purse, which was left in the dining room. Then, the next time Kelly went to get the headphones, they were gone.

As for why Kelly accused Laura, her niece claimed that her daughter was “acting suspicious” and “being guilty” the entire evening. According to her, though, Laura did not seem to be acting out of the ordinary.

“I had not noticed anything, but there was a bit of unrelated drama going on at the dinner. So, I was distracted,” she recalled.

morrowlight – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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