Her Sister Bought A $700 Automatic Litter Box, But Her Cat Hated It, So The Cat Has Been Going To The Bathroom On All Of Her Belongings, And She Told Her Sister To Either Get Rid Of The Litter Robot Or Lock Up The Cat

Syda Productions - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cat

This twenty-seven-year-old woman has been living with her sister, who is twenty-six, for just over a year now. And throughout their entire time being roommates, her sister has also had a cat.

Now, don’t get me wrong: she does love her sister’s cat and claims there have never really been any issues with the pet aside from the rare occasions when her sister was “lazy” and did not clip the cat’s nails.

“This has caused her cat to poke holes in some of my clothing, furniture, or day one of my new bed having strands pulled up from the cover,” she recalled.

Despite these somewhat frustrating occurrences, though, she really had no issue living alongside a feline friend. Well, that was until just a few weeks ago when her sister decided to drop a whopping seven hundred dollars on an automatic litter cleaner.

Apparently, the cleaner rembles a capsule pod that cats can “tinkle” in. Then, once the business is done, the inner compartment of the litter cleaner will rotate in order to scoop up the dirty litter.

Anyway, immediately after purchasing this ultra-expensive device, it became clear that her sister’s cat absolutely despises the new litter box.

“Like she hates all of the moving parts and the noise after she leaves it from doing her business. She has hissed at it, and she stalks it,” she explained.

So, if you could not have guessed, her sister’s cat has since begun to use other household items as “litter boxes.” For instance, she has found cat pee and poop on her bath mat, in her hamper, on her clothes, and inside her large floor pants. Not to mention, all of those items were soiled within just one week!

And obviously, this upset her. What made her even angrier, though, was her sister’s lack of motivation to fix the root of the problem.

Syda Productions – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cat

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