His Fiancée Came Up With A “Weird” Plan To Make Sure He Is Debt-Free Before They Get Married, But He Asked If She Could Just Pay Back His Debt For Him Now, And His Friends Think That Was Super Wrong

If you could not have guessed from the title “fiancée,” though, the couple is obviously now engaged. And because of that, they are planning on finally moving in together.

Apparently, this was not possible before since his fiancée had a roommate, and her lease needed to end before they could start living together.

The only obstacle, though, was that his fiancée really wanted him to be debt-free before their marriage.

So, they ended up choosing a wedding date that is three years from now, and the distant date works out for basically everyone involved– their families included.

“Some of our family is out of the country and needs to save [to travel to the wedding], so the wedding will be on our seventh anniversary– both of our favorite numbers,” he explained.

And his fiancée did not just set this goal without making a well-thought-out plan to achieve it, either. In fact, she actually pulled out a spreadsheet containing all of his debts and outlined a course of action.

Apparently, his fiancée pointed out how if he put the entirety of his paychecks toward his debts every month– minus about two hundred dollars of “fun money”– then he would be debt-free by the wedding.

Of course, though, he could not live on only two hundred dollars a month. But his fiancée had already thought through that part, too. She generously offered to cover literally everything– including their mortgage payment, bills, food, insurance, pet care, date nights, and vacations– until he was debt-free.

Then, during the last bit of time before their wedding, she claimed they could both aggressively save for a nice honeymoon. And after they return home as a married couple, they could then simply focus on taking out their mortgage and getting his savings “up to snuff.”

Rather than accepting his fiancée’s offer on the spot, though, he decided to take some time to think it over. And the following day, he went back to his fiancée with a counteroffer.

Apparently, he asked his fiancée to pay off his debts now using her savings. Then, in a year and a half, he would pay her back in full.

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