His Mom’s Fiancé Called His Wife Ugly, And Now His Wife Doesn’t Want Him To Go To The Wedding, But He Is Refusing And Claiming He Needs To Support His Mom

Understandably, his wife was beyond devastated after overhearing that and actually went to him in tears.

So, he went to confront his soon-to-be stepfather and actually completely freaked out on him.

Now, his mom’s fiancé did end up apologizing. But, the fiancé just kept claiming not to have known that his wife was nearby as if that was supposed to make his comment any better.

In turn, his wife has honestly never forgotten about the incident or forgiven his mom’s fiancé. Moreover, his wife feels really embarrassed, even just being in the same room as the guy.

This means that he and his wife no longer celebrate holidays or anything with his mom. She will still visit occasionally, only when she is not with her fiancé.

But, he claims that his mom is a very busy woman, so they just do not see her that much anymore.

“And she has implied this is ridiculous, and my wife needs to get over it,” he added.

However, it is clear that his wife has not gotten over it– and for good reason. So, after he received the wedding invitation recently, he already knew that she would not want to go. He also claims to have totally supported that decision.

But then, his wife reportedly “dropped a bombshell” on him. Apparently, she did not want him to attend the wedding, either.

His wife believes that if he goes, it will feel like a betrayal. Moreover, she thinks that he should stand by her in order to show his mom that, one, it is wrong to marry such a jerk, and two, that his wife is his priority.

Quite frankly, though, he just did not fully agree with his wife’s perspective and tried to “gently explain” how he could not just miss the wedding.

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