Ice Drawer Restock Videos Are The Coolest Thing On TikTok Right Now, And Aside From Being Plain Satisfying, The Ice Recipes Can Also Liven Up Your Coffee And Cocktails

New Africa - - illustrative purposes only

If you love ASMR, organization, and creating jaw-dropping drinks, then the infused ice trend on TikTok will surely steal your heart. And in case you are wondering what the heck these three things have in common, the answer is a lot.

Recently, the video platform has seen an influx of content creators sharing their ice drawer restocks. The TikToks are similar to other restock vlogs– in which people literally just refill household necessities simply because it is satisfying to watch and usually emits a sound that hints at ASMR.

The #IceDrawer trend has taken the concept one step further, though, because it actually encourages people to get creative with their restocking items– which is, in this case, ice cubes.

Now, you might be wondering, how can you get creative with ice?! If so, you need to check out Kami Larae’s TikTok account @Kami.Larae.

First of all, she has a gorgeous kitchen that makes her videos even more mesmerizing to watch. In terms of ice, though, she creates all sorts of concoctions to put into various shaped ice cube molds that will liven up your water, coffee, cocktails, or mocktails.

In one particular restock video, Kami first showed off her impressive collection of molds. So, forget mundane cubes– because she has everything from spheres and flat rounds to stars, pineapples, butterflies, sea shells, and even roses.

And with all of these shape options come tons of flavor possibilities. In fact, Kami only uses plain old water to create one kind of ice– a more traditional sphere shape.

And for the rest of the shapes, she infuses the water with fruit or uses separate beverages altogether.

For instance, you can create ice made of coffee and creamer. Why you might ask? Because then, your iced coffee will not get watered down. How genius!

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only

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