Julie Andrews Opened Up About The Childhood Trauma That Led Her To Use Singing As An Escape And Ultimately Helped Set Her Free

“Something about it did not feel right to me at all,” she revealed in her memoir.

Julie detailed how the room was “uncomfortably quiet” before, all of a sudden, Ted urged her to get into bed with him. He reportedly said he would keep her warm.

Julie claims to have responded by telling her stepfather she was fine. Moreover, she was actually feeling a bit sleepy.

“‘No, no, come on, come on,’ he pressed. ‘Let’s have a cuddle.’ Very reluctantly, I climbed into bed and lay with my bad to him. ‘I’ll show you how I cuddle with Mummy,’ he said,’ Give me your feet,'” Julie recited the dialogue between her and her stepfather.

“He placed them between his legs, and I was accurately aware of his heaviness on my tiny limbs. I felt trapped and claustrophobic. Eventually, summoning my courage, I claimed that I was too hot and that I was going back to my own bed. To my relief and surprise, he let me go.”

Seven years later, though, when Julie was sixteen, Ted’s advances became more aggressive. She claims that one night, her stepfather drunkenly stumbled into her bedroom, said he needed to “teach her how to kiss properly,” and gave her a full kiss on the lips.

“It was a deep, moist kiss– a very unpleasant experience. Ten minutes later, he came back in. I was burrowed beneath the covers, facing the wall,” Julie detailed.

“He leaned over me and tried to kiss me again. I rolled nearer the wall and mumbled, ‘I’m really sleepy. Goodnight, now!'”

Shortly after that evening, Julie installed a bolt lock on her bedroom door in hopes of protecting herself from any other attempts.

And throughout her time living in her childhood home, she viewed her singing aspirations as both an escape from reality as well as a potential key to gaining her freedom.

Then, by the time Julie turned eighteen years old, all of her hard work had paid off. It was at that point that she earned a lead role in a Broadway show and was finally able to escape the confines of her childhood once and for all.

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