She Accepted A Ride Home Late One Night From A Man Claiming To Be An Off-Duty Police Officer, And She Nearly Met A Terrible Fate In Their Ride Alone Through The Woods

He was very charming and asked if she wanted a ride. She told him, no, but he kept on convincing her that she should get in his car. He then flashed what looked like a police officer’s badge.

He told her that he was an off-duty policeman, which explains why he was wearing regular clothes. Although she knows now that she should have never listened to him, she felt like she was going to freeze to death and agreed to get in his car. She figured that the gas station was so close that she would be fine.

On their drive, the man told her that his name was John and that he has a wife and kids. He was very friendly and made her feel safe.

There were some things in his car that were somewhat alarming, like a bunch of trash, rags, and even a pair of handcuffs.

“He apologized, saying that it was the truck he took hunting,” she recalled. “But it was super warm, so I was happy and didn’t mind at all.”

She asked to use his phone, but he told her that the battery died. Then, things took a turn when his car drove past the gas station. When she pointed out that he passed it, he didn’t answer her.

Feeling sick to her stomach, she began to cry as John drove further and further away from her destination.

She asked him where they were going and if he could turn around, but he still didn’t answer. Eventually, the only words that came out of his mouth were, “Girls shouldn’t be out so late,” and other threatening phrases.

As John drove, she contemplated what she would do. She knew that she would hurt herself if she tried to jump out of the car and that John could still catch her.

She wanted to grab the wheel to crash into something so she could escape. Thankfully, she had the smart idea to push the handcuffs on the floor of the car behind her seat so that he couldn’t grab them right away.

Other than that, things were looking quite grim. At one point, he pulled over to the side of an empty road and told her that if she tried to run, he would catch her.

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