She And Her Husband Usually Spend Christmas In Hawaii With Their Kids, But His Dad Passed Away Last Year, And He Wanted To Stay Home With His Mom, So She Ended Up Going To Hawaii With Her Kids Alone

Anna - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual kids

Every single year, this woman and her family spend Christmas in Hawaii. And she has celebrated the holiday this way for as long as she can remember.

The tradition really began after she and her husband had kids and needed to reorganize their family Christmas plans– specifically because her in-laws wanted to carve out some time to spend with the kids.

So, she and her husband ultimately decided that they would celebrate Christmas with her in-laws on New Year’s. But, for the week of Christmas day, she, her husband, and her kids would go to Hawaii.

And this system had been working out flawlessly for her family. Well, that was until last year, when there was a death in the family.

Unfortunately, her husband’s father passed away during the holiday season in 2021. It understandably hit both her husband and her mother-in-law hard, too. So, they did not go to Hawaii for obvious reasons.

This year, though, they intended to get back to their usual tradition and planned out in advance how they would celebrate the whole holiday season.

For Thanksgiving, they decided to celebrate with his mother. Then, she, her husband, and the kids would get to celebrate Christmas in Hawaii since they missed out last year.

And the plans were all going well until right before their flight. Apparently, about a week before they were supposed to leave for Hawaii, her husband started to have some second thoughts about their trip.

Apparently, he felt pretty bad about leaving his mom alone after the loss of his dad and thought it would be better to stay back.

Anna – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual kids

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