She Has A Hilariously Easy Crowd Pleaser That Will Help You Out This Holiday Season

TikTok - @whiskeyandlaceblog

It’s that time of year again. The Holidays are here, and so is that seasonal stress. Making plans with family and friends, cooking multiple feasts, and buying or making presents for your loved ones; it can all be a bit much for a lot of people.

I know from personal experience that Thanksgiving to New Year is the most stressful time of the year for me. Even more stressful than job searching this past spring.

Thankfully there are a lot of people out there with easy recipes and tips to get you through the holidays with a little less stress and a little help.

One TikToker is sharing her easiest and the best crowd-pleasing recipe for the holiday season. And it might shock people that it only takes one minute to make.

“For sure, the most easy Thanksgiving day recipe that only has three ingredients and takes less than 60 seconds to accomplish, and everyone loves it,” she started.

This is a great way to open a video. It catches your attention and lets the viewers know that anyone can make this recipe.

The really interesting thing about this recipe is that it has no food items in it. That’s right, no food. But how can it be a recipe, though?

“First, get wine. Next ingredient, you need an opener. Third ingredient, a glass,” she continued.

You can kind of see where this ‘recipe’ is going. And it is definitely a recipe for the adults at your holiday party.

“Now, here’s how you do it. Take the opener and stick it in. Pour it, and you got yourself a Thanksgiving feast,” she finished.

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